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Fred H. Kitchen - The early years. Photo at the WEMM Radio Studio's, Huntington, W.Va.

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Fred is the creator and host of the Planning for Tomorrow Radio Show.  His introduction to radio dates back to the late 80’s where he began at WMUL Radio on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va. He then later worked at WAEZ Radio in Milton, West Virginia and then at WEMM Christian Radio in Huntington, W.Va. In the 90's Fred recorded and produced a weekly radio broadcast for his father's ministry called "Heartbeat Radio Broadcast"  which aired on local christian radio as well as producing and recording another five minute radio show called "Inside The Studio" in which he debuted a new local gospel group's recording release that was recoreded at his recording studio, Chariot Gospel Studio's in Huntington, W.Va.


He has been guest on numerous radio shows and voiced his own commercials for his businesses. “My grandfather worked in radio and television and I suppose his influences somehow also introduced and guided me for the love of radio.”


The Planning For Tomorrow Radio Show was launched in 2011 with the PFT Studios based in Huntington, W.Va. The radio show was launched with the intent to be a form of audio based education-helping people make better decisions when it comes to end of life and general life-decisions and planning solutions. Simply put the more we know, the better decisions we make for our family and ourselves.


“My father was a pastor, so I come from a service-oriented family. When I was rather young, I lost my aunt and grandmother and I think those events influenced me later in life to pursue a career in funeral service.”


“I believe the way I was raised really set me up to have a desire to help others.  When I was a child, I saw my father and my mother visit people in hospitals and nursing homes and I saw their passion for loving and helping people – it is just something that was in my blood I suppose. Watching what my parents did in their life really guided me in in the direction to want to help others myself. “


Fred and wife, Amber are also the owners of Henson & Kitchen Mortuary located at 6357 East Pea Ridge Road, Huntington, West Virginia 25705 which is just minutes from Barboursville, W.Va. Henson & Kitchen Mortuary has become one of the fastest growing funeral and cremation providers in the Huntington, W.Va. area. Visit with us online at www.hensonandkitchen.com. Fred is also president of Kitchen Family Funeral Services, Inc.


Fred is very active in the daily operations of both at-need and pre-need funeral planning and leading the business operations and his team at Henson & Kitchen Mortuary. Being a family owned and operated business means a great deal us, to families and to our community.


Their goal is to serve our community and families with excellence and remain focused on educating and empowering the funeral and cremation consumer. We truly believe in providing an environment where family and friends can honor life.

PFT Is A Media Resource Of Henson & Kitchen Mortuary

If you would like more information, speak to Fred Kitchen or any of his team feel free to call? 304.736.8986 or email us at pftradio@gmail.com or fredkitchen@hensonmortuary.com

"We take life’s most difficult end of life questions, concerns and challenges and turn them into manageable nuggets of information, so that you can make the best decisions when you are Planning for Tomorrow." --- Fred Kitchen

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A Life Undone By PFT RADIO GUEST, Barry Kluger

Journey After Losing A Child


On April 6, 2001, Barry Kluger began his day with a round of golf. While on the eleventh hole, he called home to check messages and received the news every parent dreads- his eighteen-year-old daughter, Erica, had been in a car accident. Frantically, he called the hospital, not realizing that his only child had already been dead for seventeen minutes.


By sharing his most loving memories of his daughter, Barry Kluger has written a powerful book filled with humor, heartache and an unflinching form of introspection. In his words, we see our own losses, and possibilities of life also.


Jeffery Zaslow, Coauthor, The Last Lecture

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